How to Choose the Right Window Squeegee

A window squeegee is perhaps the most convenient tool that you can employ to help you clean your windows to a most satisfactory point. There are several window squeegees up for sale, however, not all of them are good and valuable for window cleaning. This article helps you to determine how to close the best professional window squeegee that will help you clean your window in a perfect manner.

In order for you to determine the right window squeegee for you, there are several crucial features of the squeegee that you need to consider.

The Squeegee Channel Material

The channel material of the window squeegee is one of the best features you need to consider, as there are several materials which have their own benefits and downfalls. These materials include brass, plastic, and stainless steel.

  • Brass material resists rust and any possible damage to the squeegee. They are highly durable, but they are the heaviest and the hardest to work with.
  • Plastic material is lightweight and easy to work with, they are, however, not particularly durable and they often break or get damaged
  • Stainless steel is perhaps the best material for squeegees, they are the most durable, and also the most resistant. They are, however, a bit heavy.

Length of the Blade

The length of the blade is also an important feature. A 16-inches long blade enables you to clean windows faster and more efficiently. However, the length of the blade is essentially determined by the size of the window you intend to clean.  If the window is not big and wide, then a shorter length of the blade is required.

Handle of the Squeegee

Provided that the handle of the squeegee is ergonomically designed, then, you should be able to achieve more cleaning. If you get an excellent squeegee that also has a comfortable handle, then you will be able to clean for a long period of time. It is for this reason that ergonomically designed handles should be selected.

Blade Material

The blade does the cleaning of the window, which makes it important. There are some materials that ensure the blade of the squeegee is efficient and performs well.

  • Silicone: silicone is most probably the best blade material for cleaning.
  • Rubber: rubber is equally good, but it is likely to get damaged more easily than Silicone would. However, it does the job well too.