Gutter Cleaning During the Rainy Season

Keeping your home clean is a necessity that is not particularly easy to deal, especially during the rainy season. This is as a result of the gutters in your home getting clogged up, and the rainwater running off to spoil your doors, windows, basement, and other places. This situation, therefore makes cleaning gutters essential.

The solution to cleaning your gutters includes relieving your gutter of the accumulated dirt, leaves, garbage etc., and doing this before the rain begins and between rainfalls, in order to allow the rainwater to pass through the gutter efficiently.

Before you can clean your gutter, there is certain equipment that you might need.
A quality ladder
cleaning equipment (based on your budget and preference)
disposable bags
With the ladder, climb to the roof where the gutter is and put on your gloves (preferably heavy duty, to avoid cuts on your hands). These gloves also make it easier to remove the contents of the gutter.
Make sure to note that before you begin working on the gutter, you need to remove all the debris and/or leaves that may have collected on your roof, and are likely to find their way to the gutter. Also, make sure that you are stable on the ladder, and note your balance at all times. Make your own safety the first item on your priority list.

After clearing the roof, you can then begin to scoop out the leaves and debris in the gutter with either your hand or a scooping tool, and out then in a bucket or disposable bag. Ensure that you work away from the drain outlet (and when you are using a scooping tool, you need to begin at the lower part) in order to not result in the blockage of any outlet.

Avoid wet and completely dry debris. Wet debris is heavy, hard to clean and they may get stuck up. While completely dry debris facilitates spreading the leaves and debris over the place when you use a blower system.

Then, you should clean the gutter thoroughly using water and a scrubbing brush. Face the hosepipe towards the gutter outlet and wash the length of it, using the scrubbing brush for dry and encrusted dirt. This also informs you of the state of your drain pipes.

Provided there are no obstructions, remove them with water or flush them with water from the hosepipe in order to allow the rainwater to move freely.

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