Day: March 2, 2019

Maintaining Your Gutters

There are several things in the world that people would rather do than clean gutters, one thing we have to understand, however, is that maintaining the gutter(s) in our homes is really important and should be taken seriously.

When do I clean the gutter?

There is no particular time to pick up your brush for gutter maintenance in Washington DC or anywhere else in the United States, you, however, know it is time when you find a buildup of dirt, debris or twigs in your gutters. It is advantageous if you set up cleaning at the end of the season of fall and spring in order to be sure you are not adding unnecessary weight to the gutters.

Putting too much weight on the gutter tend to cause the fasteners to release and pull away from the house, which in itself is a huge problem.

Why should I clean up my gutter?

Apart from the strain on the gutter and gutter fasteners, not having proper gutter maintenance in Washington DC will keep the gutter full of debris and dirt, amongst others, which will, in turn, direct the water falling on your room wrongly.
The gutters would also become clogged.

How do I clean the gutters?

While gutter maintenance in Washington DC is a dirty and time-consuming chore, it is however easy.

Provided that your gutters are full of debris, it will require quite some time for you to clean the gutters manually and you can do this by making use of gloves, a ladder and a hose (this is, however, dependent on the layout of your home.).

However, make sure that the ladder you will be using is safe and sturdy.

How can I prevent my gutters from clogging?

One major way of preventing leaves and twigs from jamming up your gutters is by installing gutter guards in them. Although gutter guards might prove an expensive investment at first, you will, however, find that it will help save your money and time in the long run by reducing the rate at which you clean the gutter and also by protecting the gutter from getting damaged.

Hazards of not maintaining gutters

When you do not participate in gutter maintenance in Washington DC, there are quite a host of damages that you might incur, and they include:

  • Foundation

When you do not actively maintain your gutter, you put the foundation of your home at ease. One of the major function of a gutter system is to remove the water that may wear away around the foundation.

  • Basement flooding

When more water lands at the floor of your home, it puts the house at more risk of having water in its basement.

  • Driveways, Sidewalk, and other surfaces

A good gutter system helps to protect your driveways and other finished surfaces. However, without the gutter, the soil is more likely to be eroded by rain or snow from the roof.

  • Mosquitoes

Inadequate gutter maintenance results in clogged gutters which end up being a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, as they love stagnant water. ​